28 January 2007

It's Screener Season!

Just thanking the Universe that I finally get to see a few flicks that I missed this year. And it would be too embarrassing to admit the number of movies I miss throughout the year, but that's the life the Industry has chosen for us po' folk.

It's the lifestyle that lends itself to blogs that have a shitload more going on in the sidebar than in the actual content, so my Sunday afternoon is dedicated to changing that ever so slightly. My own lifestyle choices have brought me to a messenger job during the week which claims 11-13 hours a day. So you'll forgive the Hollywood actor who misses a shitload of movies. (Or you won't and you'll move on.)

As there is no traffic presence here yet, I'd like to welcome the blog-hopping folks who may have happened upon Starving Actors. Hoping to focus on entertainment industry issues from the perspective of your classic nobody who packed up his car and moved to Hollywood and dove in head first. Also to create a bit of a bridge between Mama Bear LA and Baby Bear NC, the third largest film state in the country. I think.

I look forward to the challenge of creating interesting content while filtering out as much pretentious self-promotion as possible.


Anonymous said...

What's up FRED? You seem to be doing well. I just watched your demo reel and found that you were "wolfboy" in that Halls commercial! Nice Man! -Bob McGregor

Jenius said...

Wow, very cool to hear from you, Bob! Hope things are well in your neighborhood.